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26 June 2010 @ 07:25 pm

Japanese Visual-Kei band will be making their FIRST Canadian appearance at the Dotcon convention in Toronto in November.

You can find more info at the official Dotcon website.
21 September 2008 @ 03:19 pm

J-rock North Promotions Inc - Concert

In commemoration of Japan and Canada's 80th anniversary and in association with: Avex Group, One Million Comix, Tearbridge Production, The Consulate of Japan, The Great Hall Centre and Dotcon, J-rock North Promotions Inc. is proud to host a concert to celebrate music and culture from the East and West. This event is a precursor to the DOTCON: Arts Media and Popular-culture Convention (
www.dot-con.com) which will be held on the 15th and 16th of November, a day after the concert.
These events are a part of the convention, but separate ticket fees do apply. Dotcon members and pre-registered congoers are eligible for discounts on the ticket prices.

Proceeds form the concert go to Second Harvest (www.secondharvest.com)

Date: Friday November 14th 2008
The Great Hall Centre
1087 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 1H3

Camino (Japan)
Artbeat (USA

and more....

$20 for Dotcon members & pre-registered congers by Oct 31st
$30 General Sale / At The Door

Online via Paypal at:
J-rock North Promotions Inc.
Want Tickets

Also At:
One Miliion Comix


At-the-door entry is not guaranteed. Come early.



Rebirth & Revival
A Fundraising event for Second Harvest

Saturday August 30th 2008

@The Reverb & Holy Joe's Nightclub
651 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario.



P.DOT ILL & MC CADDY CAD (Theory, Jungle Nation, Solid Soldiers) - Reverb

P.Dot.ILL started spinning in 2001, where he helped start and organize Darkside Radio which hit success from many angles in the jungle scene. With the great response from Darkside Radio, the Westend crew noticed his turntable skills and signed him on as a West-End Representative. Back at home in Oakville, word was getting around about the local crew smashing down at local parties and radio stations so Chilton Gaines signed P Dot up to represent The Business which has been throwing DNB parties 4 years strong at Arnold's in Oakville. Afterwards with the help of MC Docc and DJ Jesta in 2004 Downdrum Radio was created with hosted many special guests and local talent in the Toronto DNB scene *PsychoFreud, R Cola, Capital J, Marcus Visionary, Saigon, NC-17, and the list goes on* After climbing the amateur ranks in the Toronto DNB scene newfound clothing line Solid Apparel was beginning to hit the scene hard with its unique clothing design and promotional skills. After locking a gig at a Solid Apparel sponsored night Tim Mulvey (CEO Solid Apparel) took a liking to P.Dot.ILL and his partners in crime MC's Docc, and Zee and immediately signed them on board as Solid Soldier Representatives. Since Then P.Dot.ILL has began to surface as a Solid DJ with a vast variety of tune selection and the ability to smash any dance floor.

JOHN ROLODEX (FTS, Metalheadz, Dread) - Reverb

John Rolodex is one of Canada’s leading drum and bass artists and represents the cutting edge of modern music. He has headlined events across Europe and North America including New York, Los Angles, London, Copenhagen, Budapest, Oslo and Munich. He is know for his diverse production and has released music on some of the most prestigious record labels in the industry including Metalheadz, Dread Recordings, Freak, and Tech Itch. John’s DJ skills are legendary for both mixing and selection, providing audiences with a wide array of classics and the newest and freshest, blended together in a truly unique and masterful wall of sound.

DJ LOCKED & MC JAPHY (Vip dubz, Dreadnaught UK and GME) - Reverb

While some artists are destined for great things, only those who put in hard work and show dedication for their craft can get ahead in the world of drum'n'bass. With 10 years experience behind the boards producing a plethora of musical styling’s ranging from punk rock to big bass electro, Locked has spearheaded a movement dubbed 'hard jump' and truly found his niche in the DNB game. Over the past year several labels from around the world have picked up and released his music on 12" vinyl, including Capital J's VIP Dubz imprint, Montreal heavyweights Humble Recordings and the UK-based Dreadnaught Recordings. With several upcoming releases set to drop worldwide throughout the remainder of 2008, Locked is truly poised to bring his music to a broader audience across the globe affiliations VIP Dubz General Misconduct Entertainment Junction Junglist Deranged BLAK Terror Inc REALISM PRODUCTIONS/RECORDS (owner) The Rinsehouse (co owner) and now THE CANADIAN HARDCORE COLLECTIVE! Releases Vip Dubz 001 A Capital J - You Only Live Once AA Locked Good Acid Humble Recordings Locked & Erbalist A Shouldnt War With WE (feat. Mikey Dangerous) AA Delorian


DJ BASILISK (ektoplazm.com) - Holy Joe’s

Basilisk spin’s an eclectic variety of styles covering all points of the psychedelic trance spectrum. Although most of my mixes tend to focus on the deeper sound of progressive psytrance, my sets vary from blistering psycore, darkpsy, and the more sophisticated side of full-on, all the way down to cold and mechanical techtrance, deep and funky progressive house, morning trance, psychedelic chill-out, and much more. He also has an enduring appreciation for the old school sound of mid-nineties Goa trance, which I will play out when the time is right (usually by special request).


Tickets @ Door


Be apart of a rebirth and revival in Toronto. Bring back charitability to the city. Make the city a place were no one goes hungry.

Help raise money for those in need and have a good time doing it. Rebirth and Revival is a fundraising event to help out the local charity Second Harvest. $5 dollars of every purchase goes to the charity.

Second Harvest feed the hungry every day 1 person at a time. Every $1 equals a meal for some one in need.


Contact for more info:

Or see us on:



09 July 2008 @ 08:21 pm

The Recipe:

1) Take a bunch of local musicians with different styles, skill levels, and instrument preferences, and throw their names into a hat.

2) Mix well and allow to stand for 4-5mins. Draw out 4-5 names at a time.

3) Get those 4-5 musicians together, tell them to arrange 2 songs, cook and simmer for a few months, and VOILA - A ZOMBIE BAND!!!

So basically... all you local musicians out there looking for band members, jam members, a chance to play on stage in front of hundreds of potential fans, and even those of you who've already got a band and just want a great creative musical challenge, this is for you! You'll be placed with 3-4 other musicians via random selection and will be asked to work together with them to arrange 1 original song and 1 cover of any Asian popular music song (eg. jrock, hkpop, korean hip hop, etc.). All bands will then compete with their 2 songs for the coveted title of Best Zombie Band!!!

Think you've got what it takes? There are 3 rounds to the competition:

First Round: Zombie Band Project Launch
July 12th, 2008; 4pm @ The Rock Garden
262 Progress Ave., Scarborough

The Project Launch will be a live music event featuring various (already existing) local bands, where the concept and guidelines of the Project will be introduced. All those interested in participating in the Zombie Band Project must be present at this event! The selection of Zombie Band group members will occur at the end of the event, so you can come for the whole thing to enjoy the live local music and mingle with the other prospective Zombie Band participants, or just come at the end to be part of the band selection. You must fill out the Application Form (available online HERE "http://www.j-rocknorth.com/zombie_band_application.pdf") and submit it at this event in order to participate. After selection, the newly-formed bands are free to get together and start work on the 2 songs.

***ANY (EXISTING) BANDS INTERESTED IN PERFORMING AT THE PROJECT LAUNCH, PLEASE CONTACT zombie_band@dot-con.com ASAP WITH A DEMO!!! We have limited spots available in the bill but we'd love to have a good variety of music, so please inquire for more information!***

Second Round: Zombie Band Auditions
Sept. 6th 2008; 7pm @ The Rock Garden
262 Progress Ave., Scarborough

All the Zombie Bands will perform their 2 songs in front of a live audience and a panel of judges ("The Brain"). Bands will be judged as a whole based on overall skill, musical arrangement, on-stage chemistry and stage charisma/audience interaction. Remember, since you will be judged AS A BAND, we're not looking for insane 20-minute drum solos or spotlight-hoggers! The overall top performers will be selected as finalists, and will proceed to the finals!

Final Round: Zombie Band Finale!
Nov. 15th, 2008; (time to be determined) @ Dotcon Convention

The finals! All the finalist bands will perform their two songs in front of attendees at the Dotcon convention. "The Brain" (with maybe a couple of special guest judges) will also make a second appearance to judge the final product and decide who takes the title of Best Zombie Band!!!

Sound good? Think you're up to the challenge? Get your application form ready and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time at zombie_band@dot-con.com. More details will be up on http://www.j-rocknorth.com and http://www.dot-con.com, as well as the new JNP Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/jrocknorth very very soon, so please keep checking out the sites for updates!

And remember, even if you don't participate in the Project, you're welcome to just come and watch and support your favourite Zombie Bands… and bring your friends too!

Hope to see you there… ROCK OUT, ZOMBIES!!!
22 June 2008 @ 07:46 pm

     There are five things you need to know before entering a submission for a Niseimono award or submitting an entry for Nisemono:

  1. What is Nisemono?
  2. 偽物 / ニセもの / にせもの / nisemono
    spurious article; forgery; counterfeit; imitation; sham

         Basically, Nisemono means fake in Japanese.

         Nisemono is about not only recreating or impersonating (faking) music videos, movie trailers, anime and television dramas but also having fun while doing so.
  3. How do I create a Nisemono submission?

    1. Pick something you want to imitate.
    2. Grab a camera.
    3. Coerce some friends into participating.
    4. Film it.
    5. Submit it!

    It’s just that simple!

  4. My video isn’t exact, can I still submit it?
  5.      YES! You can still submit it. We have several categories; just make sure you enter it under the proper category. Remember it’s the fun you have making it that counts in the end.
  6. How do I submit?
  7.      Please see the submission section. It’s quite easy; all you really need is internet access.
  8. When is the deadline?
  9.      The deadline for ALL submissions is OCTOBER 1ST. We will, under no circumstances, accept entries after this date.

Current Location: Toronto, ON